Saturday, April 16, 2011

Something is missing on the new paradigm of TV broadcasting

Even that I truly believe that in a very few years, the way to watch TV is going to be "a-la-carte", there is still something missing in this new and attractive scenario.

Maybe it only happens in my family, but in the busy life that many of us are living, we have very little time to share with the rest of the family. It is not easy to break the afternoon/evening routine, but just because there are specific TV shows that we all want to see, then each of us stops doing the things that we have been doing and join together to enjoy that moment, and from then on, we stay there sharing our thoughts about the program and other events of the day.

Once the TV shows do not require the viewers to sit in front of the device at a specific time, how are we going to plan to stop doing things to meet with the rest of the people?… OK, I know what you are thinking about: We should plan to stop working and to get together with our friends and family, but if we are not doing this now, why should we doing it then?

It is amazing that something that have been blamed for stopping the social relationship or breaking the interaction between family members, is helping us to get together and start to socialize.

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